I love? Tanya, for inspiring the 400 words blog… a few dozen moons ago.

I love breakfast with my boy. He’ll whine at me for the 3-5 minutes it takes to make it (impatient little imp) but then, we pop a squat on the the kitchen floor. He sits on my lap and we share a bowl of hot cereal. Sometimes with bananas. He makes sweet gleeful sounds as he eats. He?s a big fan of food.

I love phone calls with my biggest boy. My 21 year-old. I still call him ?kid.? When I asked him if I should stop calling him?kid? and ?bug? now that he?s a grown-up, he said? ?nah.?

I love the sound of snow falling. And the beautiful silence after snowfall. and how a fresh blanketing on a field in new sunlight sparkles as though the earth has been covered with a fluffy white throw and sprinkled with glitter.

I love baby giggles. baby kisses. and baby cuddles.

I love that we bought our first Christmas tree this year. (my son loves removing one. strand. of tinsel. at a time. while saying “nonononononononono.”)

I love sisterhood with the wild women in my life. women who are learning to love themselves; challenge themselves. learning to express; to say no, say yes! I love?being surrounded by creatives, and though I sometimes lament the distance between us, I remind myself that it means my circle is big! it reaches all the way around the globe. I love friends who understand that life and love and friendship change; we all evolve. but there is room for each individual to evolve in their time, even if that means?going it alone. People who are able to greet change with open arms and an open heart, ready to expand along with that movement, those are my people.

I love watching my son learn and grow. I love listening to him talk. his vocabulary expands daily now? what was once a stream of funny-sweet sounds, is now a river of words and small sentences. (most recently, when asked a question, he responded with ?I don?t know.? hands out… ?iono.?)

I love watching my son with his Daddy as they play and build towers together.?this little person we made… he loves books, pie, baths, bread with butter, cozy blankets, chubby?cats, and bedtime.

My cup? oh yah, it definitely runneth over.

Happy New Year.