I have a notebook in my Evernote which I’ve labeled “The Idea Farm.”

It’s one of the tools I use to jot down thoughts, words, lines, business dreams and novel plots. It’s a place to capture all the swiftly moving brainstormy things that haven’t been fleshed out yet. It’s where things go to roil around when they come flying, floating, lazily drifting, bursting from the idea cloud.

What’s the idea cloud?

It’s kind of like the Oort Cloud, but instead of comets, it holds the entire stock of all ideas. Ever.

When the idea cloud releases an idea, it’s kind of like rain… it falls on a lot of people. Some people dance in it. Some people dash for cover. Some people throw their heads back, face to the sky, allowing it to wash over them. Some people grab an umbrella and keep moving.

That’s kind of how it is with ideas. We can embrace them and dance with them, or we can shrug them off… convince ourselves we don’t need them… tell ourselves we can’t do it… someone else can do it better.

I’m an ideas girl. I love dreaming up new projects, business ideas, things to write, craft, create. When I’m gifted with an idea, I write it down. make notes. and more notes. research a little. ponder. weigh pros and cons. research some more. Sometimes I’ll share them with friends or potential business partners. Then I decide whether or not to execute. Now, not every idea comes to fruition. Some go a little way and fizzle out. There are plenty that I’ve sent back to the cloud… whether on purpose, or lack of motivation, lack of funds, lack of skills or education for the task at hand, lack of interest. Lack of perfect timing. Some things just don’t fly… at least, not right away. Some ideas are for coming back to… later.

I believe ideas come down to us every day. A “handful” of people (grand scheme, people… a handful could potentially be three… or three thousand) are gifted with said idea… and if one person acts on it… voil?! Idea birthed!

I can’t even begin to number how many things I’ve “dreamed up,” done nothing with, and later learn they’ve emerged somewhere else… someone took the idea and ran with it. Because they had the money, the ambition, the right connections, the gumption and/or guts to follow through.

And sometimes, that’s how it goes. and that’s okay. We don’t always have all the components to get it moving, to take it from budding thought, to blooming creation… but someone will.

Ideas, man, they’re out there. For the taking. Like free fruit. Grab them. Take notes. Chew them up a little and see how they taste. and then… if you’re able… make them happen. Because even though it’s never?a terrible thing to send them back to the cloud for someone else, (it’s recycling, y’all!) if you can do it, if it can be yours…