Slow down, you move too fast…

Slow down, you move too fast…

Time moves so swiftly.

Hours. Days. Weeks. They sometimes fly by without regard or warning, and you find yourself turning about, wondering just where the hell they ran off to.

Sometimes the desire to simplify and slow down is so strong I want to just turf everything I own and start from scratch. It’s hard to clear the clutter. Time consuming. Exhausting. Memory inducing.

I’ve started looking at things with intention. Not just seeing the things in my home as background fluff, but really observing. And asking, do I need that?

Broken things I’ll never repair. Torn items I’ll never mend. Projects I’ve started and left incomplete for too long. Clothes that are either too big or too small. Kitchen items we never use. Books I’ve never read…

And in this process of evaluation, I’ve learned something.

I enjoy the things that take time.

Like making a pudding from scratch.

I enjoy the repetition of constant stirring for a half hour or more, while the ingredients work their magic to create sweet delights… instead of paste. I like working my own magic and adding my own flair to it, (because that’s just how I do when I’m in the kitchen.) I love creating something so delicious I actually swoon over it a bit. And then, I love sharing it with my wee little man, and delighting at his sounds of pleasure as the food hits his tastebuds, eliciting a small sigh and a sweet “mmmm” from him.

I like being forced to have patience. I like taking the time to slow down. Appreciate. Enjoy.

In slowing my moments I find a certain calm that is otherwise unattainable. I find that there is no room for anxiety when savouring time.

Some days are just made for slowing down. Easing along. Appreciating. And observing.

After all, you really can’t rush a cheesecake.

And the reward is


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