on being fearless…


17 Apr on being fearless…

I’m terrified of spiders. wasps. heights. public speaking. and staying in one place too long.

But I once sat and watched an orb weaver build his web for, like, an hour or so. enthralled. entranced. (every evening. for a week. I named him Aloysius.)
and I’ll climb to tippy top heights if only to see the incredible view.
I will be the guest speaker when I need to be.
I’ve even managed to stay put for extended periods of time… now and then.

I still hate wasps. there is nothing redeeming about those creepy little fuckers with their damn
droopy-dangle legs and their dive-bombing tendencies.

There are some big things, however, which I don’t fear.

I don’t fear change.

I have always been a just-jump-and-build-wings-on-the-way-down kind of girl. I’ve never really been one to worry about safety nets and making plans and having a nest egg and security… (there have been people on my path who have found these traits delightful and charming. bohemian. and there are a few who deem me chaotic. definitions. perception.)

Point is…(if I actually have one) everybody’s afraid of something.

some fears are teeny.

some feel gigantic.

but I think they are never insurmountable. (and really, isn’t fear’s entire point of existence to make you THINK something is impossible?)

Sometimes we start small… watch a spider weave for hours. Or maybe we decide to conquer on a bigger scale and step in front of an audience of thousands.

Maybe, if we stare it down a little bit each day, really challenge it… maybe we can decimate all that fear… and even learn to appreciate wasps.

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