Today you are one year and one day. Today marks the anniversary of the day we brought you home.

I am still in awe of you. Watching you grow and change. Learn and observe. Watching your legs plump up into sweet little rolls, and strengthen to hold you upright. Watching your hair go from dark to pale. Your expressions. Your smile. Your twinkling eyes and perfect, wonderful smile. How your whole face reflects your happiness. How it curls and scrunches when you are mad. Listening to your darling voice form words and sounds.

I love hearing you blow raspberries. Make clicking sounds. And kiss noises.

You rawr. And giggle. And squeak.

You are a wonder to me.

Zesty, spunky, strong-willed.
Clever, funny, and the perfect amount of silly.

Yesterday we celebrated your first birthday with a few close friends and family. You were surrounded by people delighted to be near you. Our tiny apartment was full and noisy, and you were thrilled by it. Charming the room with your sweetness.

I got misty eyed more than once.

One year. You are no longer an infant. You are growing every day, at a pace which suits you. You do everything in your time, when you want to, how you want to. You will not be rushed, but when you decide it’s time to learn something, you do it then and there, and perfect it quickly.

You do it your way.

My sweet boy, my woodpecker… my love for you is never conditional. It is overwhelming, and powerful. It is light and strength. It is everlasting, and far-reaching. And though I may not always get it right, I am so happy to be your mom-mom.

Thank you for picking me.