I’m on a quest. A treasure hunt, really.

I desperately need to find a shampoo and conditioner that works well for fine hair, in a super humid climate, where the water smells like chlorinated swamp.

Any ideas?

Now, part of the problem is hormones. I’ve been pregnant, and/or nursing for like, two and a half years now. So I know that plays a part. But, seriously, y’all! My hair! I’m so ready to just cut it all off, ? la Carol Peletier.

I feel like I’ve really tried everything.

Expensive shampoo.
Cheap shampoo.
Dry shampoo. (Which I make at home.)
No shampoo.

I’ve used honey. Apple cider vinegar. baking soda. Coffee.

I’ve had 10 different shampoo/conditioner combos in my shower at one time. My hair played dumb.

My hair feels like I dipped it in bacon grease if I don’t wash it. And it feels like I’ve replaced each strand with hay if I over-wash it. There is no happy medium.

Every time I’ve moved, it’s been a bit of a challenge finding the right combination for my hair. Different climates, different tap water, everything contributes. But I usually fall into a good hair routine fairly quickly.

Not this time.

I think my hair hates me.

or perhaps it hates the water here. Heavy chlorine. Heavy lake/swamp scent. I mean, really, what’s not to like!?

It’s an uphill battle. or a downhill battle… It’s a battle.

This past week I’ve started adding tea tree oil to my lavender mint shampoo…expensive lavender mint shampoo.
This seems to be working – for the moment – it could change at any time, like my son’s favourite food.

Side note: When I tried adding tea tree oil to my much less expensive Dove shampoo, my hair was not as happy. Tea Tree oil swamp and chlorine.

Oddly, my hair does not love the lavender mint on its own. But it seems to adore it when blended with the TTO. sigh.

My hair is such a snob.