Every time I travel lately, I am reminded of my desire to simplify. Everything. pack lighter. carry lighter.
be. lighter.

It’s a work in progress.

40+ years of accumulating things… knick knacks. treasures. collections. sea shells. rocks. clothing. books. paper paper paper. writing. shoes. crafts. gifts. memories in boxes. newspaper clippings. photographs. cards, letters, notes. cassettes. CDs. VHS. DVDs. stuffed animals. baby clothes.

I sound like a hoarder.
My family always had a nicer sounding term for it…
Pack Rat.
same thing really.

I always had such dreams. I kept all my books because I was going to open a used bookstore. I kept unfinished projects because I was going to finish them… some day. I kept old jeans and cut them into squares because I was going to make a glorious jeans quilt… I have a lot of squares if anyone wants them. I kept movies, because there was no such thing as Netflix. and I kept all my music because spotify and pandora were not a thing. and after a time, I realised… wow. I have a lot of superfluous shit!

In the past several months I’ve made multiple trips to Goodwill. and I will be going again.

It’s hard work. Simplifying.

It’s a process. and then another process. it’s sorting through and weeding out. It’s deciding what to throw away, give away, or try to sell.

it’s deciding what to keep.

what is still necessary, and what has served its purpose. and maybe none of it is necessary. but I haven’t completely decided yet.

what I do know, is this…

I will never be a proper nomad if I can’t fit everything into a bag and tie it to the end of a stick.