Back in 2010, when we were getting ready to send my poetry collection off to the printer, one of my editors/partners said “what about a dedication?”

I spent a couple days deliberating and then sent her this:

and you.
you, you, you.
And oh yes! You!

She laughed at me. Said “that’s so Karen.” and sent the manuscript.

When I started blogging, I didn’t have much focus. I had several false starts and few plans. I did a weekly writing prompt for a while, I did a thing a day project one year, but until I started really sharing pieces of me, I didn’t feel like I was serving my purpose in writing.

When I launched Not Quite Pollyanna, I decided to really share things. Not just snippets and trivial bits, but actual meat; real life. My life.

I write for me, for catharsis, for balance, but also, I write for you.

When I write about panic attacks and anxiety, I write to help make mental health just a bit less taboo. When I write about my broken parts, I share in the hope that someone else will be able to say they hurt too. When I write about grief, and saying goodbye, I write to allow my heart to heal, but also to remind someone who is in their own well of grief that the light will shine again. And when I shared my own #metoo stories, I posted for anyone out there who has been too frightened or ashamed to share his or her scars.

I doesn’t matter to me if I have five readers, or five hundred.

I write for me.

But I write for you, too.