1. Spiders. Though not as much these days it seems. I guess it kind of depends on the spider.

2. Garbage disposals. I cannot even talk myself into fishing out items that don’t belong. I refuse to put my hand in there, and cannot watch when someone else does. I attribute this fear to a plethora of horror flicks and ghost stories.

3. Heights. Hello vertigo.

4. Bridges. Low. High. Doesn’t matter. Bridges freak me out. Like, can’t breathe, panic attack, gripping the wheel and holding my breath until I’m across. I will always love my friend Sam, for serenading me across one particular bridge with “I’m Henry the Eighth, I am.” It’s what I channel when I find myself on a particularly harrowing bridge. (like the Tacoma Narrows!)

5. Dams. I love them. but they seriously give me a case of screepies! Especially if I find myself unexpectedly driving across one.