1.??I refuse to think of them as chin hairs. I think of them as stray eyebrows.? ~ Janette Barber?chin hairs. seriously. wtf!? I’ve had this conversation with several of my “over 35” friends. We all agree this is dumb. we should not have to groom our chins of tiny hairs. and seriously, what’s with the crazy long one that grows overnight!?
2. the strands of white silver laced through my hair. I’m actually quite proud of my greys. they’re like tinsel. glitter.
3. finding that I am fairly un-filtered. I let more of what I’m thinking fall from my mouth now… I don’t try to stop it as much as I did when I was younger. random, silly, bold, opinionated. sometimes I verbally vomit. I’m okay with that. I’m looking forward to the progression of this one… I plan to be a completely brazen little old lady… 🙂
4. Occasional pimples. still. come ON! I’m 42!
5. the desire to simplify. really simplify. cut out all the extraneous shit I’ve been carrying around for 25 years or more. memories are great… but I can keep them in my photos, my writing, little compartments in my mind. I don’t need to keep them boxed away in storage anymore. (big project, but so cathartic.)