1. I’m kind of awful when it comes to making?notes/speaking points. I usually have a handful of things written down and then I improvise. Which really only works out about half the time.

2. I’m a big fan of discussions, conversation, creative brainstorming and powwow-like sessions, but not such a fan of standing at the head of a group and talking AT a crowd. I prefer interaction and collaboration to lectures and speeches.

3. I tend to forget words suddenly and will lose whole seconds of “flow” trying to come up with the word I wanted to use rather than just glossing over it and finding a filler word.

4. I have occasional bouts of verbal dyslexia and turn whole words upside down and inside out – my tongue trips over my teeth, and occasionally my entire mouth trips over my whole face.

5. Some people are really amazing public speakers. I am not. I don’t need to be a public speaker. I’m totally okay with this.