5 odd things about me…

05 May 5 odd things about me…

1. I love sweeping. it’s very therapeutic. cleansing. ritualistic.
2. I have a weakness for sweetened condensed milk. When a recipe calls for it, I do a little happy dance, because as soon as I crack that can?open, I’m digging in and grabbing?a huge spoonful for ME!
3. When I was a teenager, my step-papa and I had burping contests. As a result, I can belch louder than a man with a belly full of beer. It’s very lady-like.
4. The tips of my thumbs go numb when I get cold. Also, I’m almost always cold.
5. I shred things. mainly paper. but also boxes. sometimes fabric. I tear it into tiny bits. or use scissors to cut it into teeny blades-of-grass strips. I personally don’t think this is odd, but my fella assures me that it is, in fact, very odd.
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