noun Pol?ly?an?na \?p?-l?-?a-n?\

someone who thinks good things will always happen and finds something good in everything

About NQPA

Bringing Not Quite Pollyanna into the world has been a little like birthing an elephant? there was a seriously long incubation period, in which some ideas grew and some were scrapped, and there were some wicked growing pains along the way? But the end product, (in this case, this site) SO worth it!


NQPA has been a-brewin? since July 2013. I wanted a place where I could bring together a variety of ideas and creative ventures, as well as have a format for my quirky, sometimes absurd, silly, sailor-mouthed personality.


I?m bossy at times. brazen. bold. I hold my tongue. and speak my mind. I can be terribly crass. and delightfully couth. I am a pessimistic optimist (or an optimistic pessimist) so I always prepare for the worst and hope for the best. I try to find something lovely in everything, and look for silver linings when the fan and the shit collide.


I am a writer of poetry. blogs. essays. nostalgia. and the attempted stray novel or two (that shit?s hard, man!) I am a taker of photographs. I knit. I paint. I sing. I dance. I sew. I doodle. I dream.


and so, I present to you…my baby elephant.

from my brainpan…

So this is where I blahhhhg.
Witty, serious, sentimental, dark, bright, heated, or plain old ?wtf!?? you?ll find it here.
My dear friend June told me, ?The world is a better place when you are writing Karen.?
So that is what I?d like to do…make my corner better.

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5 things…

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poetry garage

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Something new, coming soon!

Hide and Watch.

Three Thousand Doors

Life is about opening doors and closing doors – walking through and knowing when to stay put. Sometimes, life presents you with so many opportunities the toughest decision is choosing which door to walk through. and every opportunity, every door, leads to hundreds more.

Get a copy of my poetry collection, Three Thousand Doors.

Available for purchase at:

Three Thousand Doors - Karen E. Greene

NotQuitePollyanna on Instagram


The Trashed Project – Tumblr.com

A collaborative photo project documenting the things folks fling. (I should probably mention my love for Oscar the Grouch and the fact that my sister and I used to run around the house singing ?Oh, I love trash! Anything dirty or dingy or dusty, anything ragged or rotten or rusty!)

The Trashed Project – an Homage to OtG!

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